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Microsoft's QBasic IDE comes with fairly complete documentation of the language and provided routines. So far as I know, that is about. QBasic is a programming language made by Microsoft which was included with Windows 95 . QBasic is a more limited version of QuickBasic, released Although the "Q" stood for "quick" the only thing quick thing about QBASIC was the time to program. The language was interpreted, rather than compiled. By Ted Felix. Explains most of the QBASIC language in easy-to-understand terms.

QBasic is a general-purpose interpreted programming language derived from QuickBasic 4.5. QBasic replaced GWBasic starting from MSDOS 5. It became. Microsoft QuickBASIC (also QB) is an Integrated Development Environment (or IDE) and compiler for the BASIC programming language that was developed A subset of QuickBASIC 4.5, named QBasic, was included with MS-DOS 5 and later. You are here: Home / Language Translation / History of QBasic. QBasic IBM recompiled QBasic and included it in PC-DOS 5.x, as well as OS/2 2.0 onwards.

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